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Chiropractic Care

You've only got one spine - take care of it-                               Call today!

When your body is in balance, it is amazing how strong and healthy you can feel.  That is why I strive to be the best and most effective chiropractor I can be, so I can help you to have a better balanced body - and life!



Neck pain McMinnville


Because Adjustments
are part of life!


Get Great results without using drugs or surgery.

Chiropractic comes from the Greek language and means "done by hand".  With guidance the body can heal itself.


Chiropractic can help more than your back.

Back pain is where Chiropractic traditionally starts, but it's not limited to this.  Neck, jaw, hip, shoulder, .. in fact almost any part of your body can benefit.


Safe and Effective

If you suffer from joint, muscle, nerve issues, headaches, or are pregnant, please call and schedule an appointment!  No needles or drugs - a natural remedy.

117 NE 5th Street

McMinnville, Oregon  97128


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